Marc Comaratta set a new course record for the Tour de Gravelly with a time of 4:01:39. PHOTO BY JESSLYN MARIE

Up yours COVID

At the beginning of my conversation with Sam Korsmoe, Greater Yellowstone Adventure Series (GYAS) director, I told him I was worried I may die running the Big Sky Half Marathon. I had not done a half since 2015 and seven miles straight seemed to be the distance my body could handle consistently since then.

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Summer reading roundup

It is the perfect time to do some extra reading. Whether you are finding yourself with some spare time, finding yourself needing more screen-free options to entertain your kiddos, or are finding yourself with a desire to learn more about different people and places, the following recommendations from local libraries have you covered.

Cooper Clemens holds on during the bareback riding competition at the Ennis Rodeo July 3. PHOTO BY MARK LAROWE


One of the seven riders representing Madison County in the Ennis Rodeo placed first.

Cooper Clemens, a part-time local of Cameron, took first place in the bareback riding competition. He scored 76 points, a single point higher than J2 Bridges of Dillon, July 3.

Pam is wearing her father’s letter sweater from when he played at MSU in the 1930s. Gary is wearing a sweater he was given after being inducted into the Bobcat Hall of Fame. Pam’s son, Brant, was a captain for the MSU Bobcat football team. PHOTO COURTESY PAM BIRKELAND


“I would yell so loud and then I would come back on Monday to Helena to work and I couldn’t talk, and I think that’s what happened,” Pam Birkeland said as an explanation for her soft voice. Beyond cheering, Birkeland sang the National Anthem at Montana State University (MSU) football games twice during her son’s collegiate football career.

Ron and Susan Hardwick traveled around the country for nine years after Ron retired. Ron worked at the Ennis RV Village when the couple first came to Ennis, and Susan continues to work there now. PHOTO COURTESY OF RON HARDWICK

More to the story

It is true that you never really know someone’s whole story.

Ron Hardwick is 75 years old, but over the phone, and arguably in person, you would peg him in his early sixties tops. Over these 75 years, he has learned, seen and discovered much, some aspects well-known to those around and others more on the back burner.

Currently, the Madison River below Ennis Lake is above the 76-year average discharge measured in cubic feet per second (cfs). On May 20, the river reached 3,500 cfs while the average lay near 1,900 cfs. PHOTO BY MADISONIAN STAFF

High waters

Memorial Day weekend is often viewed as the beginning of camping season in Montana. More often than not, it snows the very same weekend. In some ways, the end-of-May holiday embodies many of the factors that make rivers in the area more dangerous in the spring.


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