NorthWestern Energy commissioned the “Restoring Our Waters” artwork to celebrate the success of the O’Dell Creek restoration project. Left to right, kneeling, NorthWestern Energy Director Environmental & Lands Permitting & Compliance Mary Gail Sullivan and renowned Montana artist Monte Dolack. Left to right, standing, Madison Farm to Fork Chair Kaye Suzuki, Granger Ranches owner Jeff Laszlo, NorthWestern Energy Chief Executive Officer Bob Rowe and Madison Farm to Fork GROWW Coordinator Janet BeanDochnahl.

NorthWestern Energy celebrates success of O’Dell Creek restoration project with original artwork by Montana artist Monte Dolack

The outstanding success of the Ennis-area O’Dell Creek Restoration Project, which began two decades ago, is recognized with a NorthWestern Energy-commissioned painting by renowned Montana artist Monte Dolack.

These white Adirondack chairs are serving as the blank canvases for local artists to work their creative magic on this summer. PHOTO COURTESY ELYSSE CONKLIN

Take a seat

After more than a year without much to speak of re: community art projects, artists around the county have signed up to not only create beautiful pieces of art, but also benefit the Madison Valley Medical Center Foundation.

Mystery and mayhem

With creepy music playing in the background, the familiar voice of John Zirkle introduces “Inherent Danger: A Mountain Murder Series.” The new radio theater series created by the Big Sky Community Theater group over the last six weeks gives a nod to the culture of Big Sky.

McClellan’s original oil painting depicts cottonwood trees along the Jefferson River. She used a picture she had taken while floating the Jefferson to recreate the painting. PHOTO COURTESY OF ELIZABETH MCCAMBRIDGE

It takes you away

Local artists have donated original works to the Ruby Valley Medical Center (RVMC). Pieces that met selection criteria and artwork guidelines were chosen by the RVMC Art Committee.

Photo by Keely Larson

Connection and Creativity

Many studies agree that social interaction is important for maintaining quality of life for seniors, some noting it can prevent illness by boosting the immune system. It is almost common knowledge, as is the idea that art can be used to bring people together and has since we learned  how to share crayons in kindergarten.


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