Winterkeeper for Yellowstone General Stores for the last 41 years, Jeff Henry in an action shot removing gigantic blocks of snow from the roof of the Canyon General Store in 1999. PHOTO COURTESY JEFF HENRY

Tales from the tundra

For years men have harnessed the tools of the woods and tamed the onslaught of winter weather in a most inventive way. Their efforts have kept buildings standing in Yellowstone National Park (YNP) and allowed for people to better experience a largely untamed world.

Kehler identifies as an outdoorsman. In one essay he wrote in Hollowtop Smoke Signals, he described trout in the river that used to run for cover at the sound of his name. Now, he says, they ignore him. PHOTO COURTESY OF ART KEHLER

The voice

Bestowing small town folks unofficial awards for daily occurrences is an unspoken tradition, according to Art Kehler.

Local mental health professionals see the community center as a space to promote whole-family and whole-community wellness. PHOTO COURTESY OF LINDSAY DEGROOT

A one-stop shop

Early conversations have started again about a community center in Ennis, Mont. Local mental health leaders and community members met on Monday to discuss benefits and hear concerns about having a focal point with resources for the whole family.

Other items of importance to Shaw included mental health, trade schools and teacher’s salaries. Here he sits at his seat in Jan. 2019. PHOTO COURTESY OF RAY SHAW

Across the aisle

Walking into the Montana House of Representatives Chamber, one steps through an aisle in the center and looks towards a Charlie Russell painting. Democrat representatives sit on the right, if you are facing the painting, and Republicans on the left.

Representative Ray Shaw described the aisle in between as Montana.

Giving spirit

While giving opportunities remained somewhat the same, the giving spirit increased this year in Madison County.

At the Town Pump in Ennis, Mont., approximately $6,140 was donated to the Madison Valley Caring and Sharing Food Bank from the beginning of October through Thanksgiving. Town Pump matches donations dollar for dollar.


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