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While she is approved as a pastor, we cannot officially refer to Reynolds as Rev. Reynolds until she is ordained by the Presbytery. This ceremony will happen in August. And then, it will be cool to say Rev. Reynolds. It just rolls off the tongue. PHOTO COURTESY OF MARY GRACE REYNOLDS

Head in the clouds

Mary Grace Reynolds’ cat’s name is Thomas Jefferson.

“He’s currently sleeping in the chair that is for other people to sit in, and I’m trying to find a way to discourage him from doing that,” Reynolds said during her first day as Madison Valley Presbyterian Church’s new pastor.

Antiques and restoration have been passions for Roxy Hudak since she was 16. It’s a hobby and passion she’s excited to share with others. PHOTO BY JOLENE PALMER

A little bit of everything

There’s a place Roxy Hudak goes when she needs a break from it all. It’s called her Woosah room – a place for clarity and calmness. Some folks find this place along the river, or perhaps in their garden. For Hudak, the room decorated with mementos of home and family, happens to be in the back of her new shop:

The Town of Sheridan’s aging Fire Station just isn’t large enough to accommodate modern fire apparatuses. PHOTO BY JOLENE PALMER

When our powers combine

Sometimes, size does matter. For the Sheridan Fire Department, that boils down to the size of its station: the department’s firefighting equipment can barely fit inside the aging building. Just backing into the station is a feat in and of itself. It’s gotten to the point that something needs to be done about the tight quarters.

Wildlife tracks outnumber human footprints on the embattled, narrow walkway to the Madison River. PHOTO BY JOLENE PALMER

Armitage’s alley

There’s a 12-foot wide stretch of seldom used alleyway between Grizzly and Armitage streets in Ennis that has caused quite a stir over the years. The narrow alley leads past two homesites to the Ennis Ditch and the Madison River beyond.

 Cory Hardy’s alter-ego tends to show up in fall events when lower temperatures are better suited for spandex. PHOTO COURTESY CORY HARDY

Going the extra mile

There’s a saying that Ennis Town Commissioner Cory Hardy returns to often: “Activity promotes more activity and laziness promotes more laziness.” It’s a motivational quote he’s even used as his screensaver and words of wisdom he passes on to others who might need it.

Tap into Ennis

Tap into Ennis was back after a year off due to the pandemic, and the smiles on faces and activities abound showed just how much events like this were missed.


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