The outline for a new Camp Bullwheel building sits open to visitors at the 2018 Fly Fishing Festival in Ennis. Camp directors Peter Pauwels and Frank Bell hope to raise funds over the next few years to move forward on a new facility. (G. Mooney photos)

River access for everyone

ENNIS—In his nearly three decades working in the rehabilitation engineering lab for Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado, Peter Pauwels saw his fair share of catastrophic injuries.

He also saw just how far human intelligence could go toward remedying those injuries.

Sugar High

MADISON COUNTY - With less than two weeks until Halloween, it’s time to stock up on snacks for the trick-or-treaters that will inevitably come knocking on October 31.

Brummie Boggus’s love for rodeo began the first time he ever watched a rider on a bronco (Holli Bogus)

Ride’em cowboy!

ENNIS—Brummie Boggus’s love for rodeo began the first time he ever watched a rider on a bronco.

“I’ve just always wanted to do it,” he says. “I always watched rodeos and knew that I wanted to do that too.”

The Sedman House, Nevada City (E.L. Malvaney)

Getting Spooky...

MADISON COUNTY—Halloween quickly approaches, and horror buffs around Montana are preparing to get their fright on. We put our research minds to work finding the best places to look for spooks both genuine and manufactured. 

Around 45 percent of Americans believe in ghosts, according to a Huffington Post poll. Are you one of them? 

Angela Post opened Halo Studio Hair as a hobby, but the salon has snowballed since.

Small town, big-time looks

ENNIS—When Angela Post opened Halo Studio Hair, she intended it to simply be a hobby endeavor. Styling and cutting hair had been her career for nearly three decades, and she and her husband wanted a quieter atmosphere than the busy Lake Tahoe scene they’d lived in.


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