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The countdown to Election Day is on. Absentee ballots go into the mail for folks who have requested them on Friday, Oct. 14. The Federal Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8 and voters will vote at the polls.

Madison County candidates will all be at the moderated candidate forum hosted by The Madisonian and the Rotary Club of the Ruby Valley on Thursday, Oct. 13. The forum will be held at the Virginia City Community Center beginning at 6 p.m. Citizens will have a chance to ask the questions they care about and get to know the candidates better prior to casting their vote. Interested parties are invited to submit questions prior to the forum via email to: or ask them in person the night of the event. This forum is an educational opportunity for voters and respectful behavior is expected of all attendees.

In addition, candidates for contested offices have all written short biographies and answered why they are running for their particular office for this week’s edition. Each candidate was given 150 words total and will be listed in alphabetical order to ensure fairness. Next week’s edition will feature candidates for uncontested races.


Ron Nye

I am Ron Nye, a lifelong resident of Montana! My parents homesteaded in the Centennial Valley. As my grandfather’s health began to fail, they sold their homestead and moved to the Twin Bridges area. I have been there most of my life. I met my wife Georgia while attending College at the University of Montana Western. We have two children, Andy and Jackie. Andy and his wife Susie own the Ice House and the Mini-storage in Twin Bridges. Jackie and her Husband reside in Clarkston, Wash.

I am seeking my 3rd term as a Commissioner. I have enjoyed the experience. I still have some things that I would like to see happen: The Children’s Center reopened for one. With the newly formed Madison County Fairgrounds Foundation we have the opportunity to make our Fairgrounds a showplace. The roads are better. We still have work to do and with your vote, we can get it done!


Heidi Woods:

I was born in Dillon into an agricultural family. As a 6th generation Montanan, my family has farmed and ranched outside of Twin Bridges for the last 154 years. I attended Montana Tech. I graduated with a BS in Computer Science/Business Information Systems with Accounting Emphasis in 1992.

I have had various jobs in my lifetime. I am currently in my 23rd year of working at R.L. Winston Rod Co as the Accounting and Employee Benefits Manager.

I would like to make a difference by supporting the processes that govern our County. This community has given me so much in my lifetime and I want to continue giving back.

The way the population in the county is exploding, the shortage and expense of housing is straining all services in the county.

I believe you must listen to your public and your employees’, evaluate the options, weigh the consequences and live with the decision even if it means change.


Brian Conklin:

 Like many of you, my family and  I chose to make Madison County our home because of its jaw-dropping beauty and because we still know and care about each other.

Serving you as County Commissioner would be a continuation of the work I’ve been doing for our country for the last 20+ years. I have an MBA in Economic Development, and as a commissioned Foreign Service officer I’ve spent years successfully working in partnership with people to increase economic growth, reduce poverty, improve infrastructure and build roads.

As your Commissioner I’ll work with local leaders and experts to solve problems, reinforce our planning department with the personnel and tools they need to protect what matters most, support access to our public lands in accordance with the law, and ensure our dedicated county employees are valued.

Madison County needs serious, skilled professionals to manage our county successfully into the future.


John Heckler Incumbent:

Like many of you, we discovered the environment of Madison County in the early 90’s. We moved here and invested in the community establishing Sugar High, bringing back the Fish Bowl and the Madison Theatre, plus creating the Alley Bistro. Helping to create the Ennis Senior Center is one of our proudest achievements.

Ten months ago, I became the Commissioner of District 3 when I was selected to replace my predecessor who retired before the end of his term. I have found that being a Commissioner is an extremely positive and challenging job that I am dedicated to fulfill. My 45-year background in engineering and project management serves me well in identifying challenges and delivering results.

I need your support to continue working for you. You must write me in as your selection for District 3 Commissioner! Thank you! John Heckler.


Bill Todd:

As the the only conservative candidate in this contest, I feel a compulsion to deliver outstanding government services at the lowest possible cost. In the past six months, inflationary trends have had a dramatic impact on our economy, and despite these pressures, I am committed to maintaining our current levels of taxation. My work experience over the past decade as the Chief Technology Officer of an accounting software company has provided me with extensive experience in managing contracts, engaging in difficult negotiations and overseeing civil litigation. My technical expertise is unmatched by any other candidate, and I plan to leverage these skills to streamline and improve County operations.

I was asked by a friend and local business leader to run for this office. I intend to honor my commitment to his faith in my abilities by serving the County with every ounce of energy and talent I can possibly give.


Jordan Allhands:

I have been a resident of Madison County for over twenty years. I live with my husband in the Ruby Valley where we are raising our children. My respect for the justice system has given me the ambition to sit as Justice of the Peace. I will give the residents of Madison County an impartial Justice Court and follow Montana Code Annotated. I am dedicated, strong, impartial, and intelligent and will use those qualities in this position.

I was employed in the Justice Court for seven years. I was the Substitute Judge and conducted several different hearings. I have extensive knowledge of the duties in the Justice Court office, including, finances, filings, and scheduling. Additionally, I have knowledge of criminal/ civil law within Justice Court jurisdiction. I hold the duties of the Court to high standards and will be dedicated to my job. I am confident in my experience to sit as Madison County’s next Justice of the Peace.


Mark Glines, Incumbent:

Current Justice of the Peace and Madison County resident since 1989.

Michigan State University undergrad and graduate school.

I was a Law Enforcement Ranger for the National Park Service. I served 20 years as a Montana Game Warden. I retired to take a job as Director of Security for Moonlight Basin. I worked for True Value 10 years.

Active in the community; Started an outdoor program called Discovery Days that saw K-6 students from Sheridan, Cardwell,Harrison, and Ennis. Served on the Madison Valley Library Board and the School board. I was a CPR First Aid instructor trainer for 26 years and a Boy Scout leader for 4 years.

My wife Brenda and I have been married 34 years, we have two adult children and one Grandson. We are members of Trinity Episcopal Church in Jeffers.

My diverse work experience, education and involvement in the community has helped me be an impartial, and dedicated Justice of the Peace.

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