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Election Day November 2

Voters have until 8 p.m. on Election Day, Nov. 2, 2021, to return their municipal ballots to the elections office in Virginia City via mail or drop off. According to Paula McKenzie, Madison County Clerk & Recorder/Election Administrator, “A postmark on the affirmation envelope WILL NOT work.” Late Registration began Oct. 5, 2021 and runs through noon on Monday, Nov. 1, 2021. Late Registration can only be done in person at the elections office in Virginia City. Due to House Bill 176 the close of late registration is now at noon on the day before the election. You can no longer late register on the day of the election. Twin Bridges is the only town not required to hold a municipal general election as the community did not have more people file than offices open. All candidates who filed in Twin Bridges will be appointed by acclamation. In Virginia City, three, fouryear city commission seats are open, with six candidates on the ballot: Ken Julio Shields, Mckenzy D Shields, Gay Rossow, Amy Grice, Jon Osborn and Kacey Smart. In Sheridan, two, four-year town council seats are open, with five residents filing for candidacy: Jonathan Laurin, Rahn Abbott, Patricia Wang, Emilie Sayler and Tamara Todd. One, two-year unexpired term opened on the Sheridan town council, with one person filing: Z Wade Hampton. One, four-year mayor position is open, with one person filing: Robert C Stump. Voters will decide on the two council positions as well as the unexpired commission seat. The mayor position can be appointed by acclamation. In Ennis, two, four-year town commission seats are open, with five residents filing for candidacy: Jason Norman Schroeder, Nichole Hankins, Lisa Roberts, Brandi Palmerton and Jesslyn Dulinsky. One, four-year mayor position is open, with Kelly Elser and Nicole Haas on the ballot. Several other candidates responded to The Madisonian’s request for information. Please see additional candidate profiles in the Oct. 21 edition.

Ennis Town Commission

Nichole Hankins When my family moved here when I was in 5th grade I instantly loved the town and people. We moved back in 2017, my kids were instantly as grateful as I was to move to such a wonderful community. They instantly made friends and my husband and I loved having a new little family of neighborhood kids that felt welcome. That is what community is about. I am running for a seat because I feel that the community and their input-positive or negative should be encouraged and welcome to attend meetings. I want to be a voice for the people and business owners that don’t live inside city limits that don’t get to vote. I believe that everyone should be involved in decisions that affect our town, whether you get a vote or not. I run a business in town but don’t have a personal agenda, I just want to better our town and bring the community back together.

Brandi Palmerton My name is Brandi Palmerton and I am running for City Council of Ennis, Mont.. I am a native of Ennis, I am a fourth generation. I graduated from Ennis High School in 2003 and MSU-Bozeman in 2008. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and applied said degree to serve on the Town Council from 2014-2019. I have volunteered on the Madison Valley History Association and served as vice president for the last four years. My mother is a Pasley and my father is a Loucks. I am asking for your support and vote. I am running because I am from here and I don’t have an agenda. I believe moving forward we need more transparency, accountability, honesty and integrity as well as respect. Thank you for your consideration.

Lisa Roberts Ennis has been my home for more than 15 years. A Montana State University alum and successfully self-employed since 2004. Served as Ennis Town Commissioner for five years. As a mother of two, my priorities are safety for our children and protecting our small town way of life. Voting for increased public safety, enhanced emergency services, and proper planning efforts have been the focus of my time on the commission. Ennis residents are community minded and work together on important issues. Recently, there have been efforts to divide our town and break down our ideals of civic pride and unity by those who live elsewhere. I raise my children in Ennis, I run my business in Ennis, and I pledge to preserve the unique character of our small town while opposing those who fail to embrace the bright future that we all deserve. Please vote Lisa Roberts for the Town of Ennis Commission.

Jason Schroeder I have lived and worked in Ennis for 5 years. My son graduated from Ennis High School. I have lived in Montana most of my life. In 2004 I graduated from U of M with a degree in diesel technology and worked for nine years as either a mechanic or equipment operator. In 2017 I graduated from MSU with a degree in mechanical engineering and currently design and install heating and cooling system for Joe Veland at Madison Valley Heating and Cooling. I love Ennis and don't want to see it taken over by corporate interest or whoever has the most money. I'm running as incumbent for the seat I hold as Ennis Town commissioner. Originally, I was appointed to this seat. There was a vacancy and I was asked if I wanted to help out. I applied for the position and as no one else applied I got the seat. I’m running because I feel the people of Ennis need someone on the commission who represents them and who can make educated decisions on important issues. My past work experience and education make me the ideal candidate as a large part of the decision making and issues we see have to do with planning, public works and budgeting. I want to make sure we are planning ahead and spending our money in the right places. I question everything and vote based on what is best for the people of Ennis.

Ennis Mayor candidate

Nicole Pasley Haas My roots in this valley and town run deep. I am fourth generation to the Madison Valley, and a graduating Mustang of the class of 2001. After high school, I studied cell biology and neuro-science at MSU. My last year at MSU I took an EMT class from the university, and upon returning to Ennis I joined Ennis Ambulance Service . I served as captain and training officer for numerous years, during which I co-taught several EMT courses purely as a volunteer. I also traveled the state as a Master Trainer for the DPHHS cardiac program. I joined Madison Valley Rural Fire in 2007, and still continue to volunteer with the department. I volunteered nearly every week that the Ennis Teen Center was in operation, and made several lifelong friends there. Currently I manage the family business, Ennis Auto Parts, a growing business that has been in Ennis since the 1950's. I have been serving our town for 15 years in emergency services and I am running for the Mayor of the Town of Ennis to continue that service. My plans include regular hours at town hall to both manage the current departments and provide availability for concerns and questions. Also a priority is exploring new ways to get information out to the public so that we have clear communication, which is essential to planning for the growth Ennis will continue to see. Having the background I do, I see safety, water and sanitation as my top priorities. I am ready for some creative problem solving with a common sense base to ensure responsible growth. I want to help find common ground, with real ideas and an eye for the future. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at I am here for you, the people of Ennis.

Sheridan Town Council

Tamara Todd The Sheridan community will find my name on the ballot for Sheridan Town Council. My name is Tamara, "Tammy, " Todd. I have been a Ruby Valley resident for my entire life. In 2018 I moved into Sheridan. My background is ranching, nursing, and family and friends. I am the mother of three grown children, and grandmother to six aspiring youngsters. My interest in Sheridan Town Council began with an inquiry mind, to learn and better understand the dynamics of rural, small town operations. I believe I can offer an open mind, an analytical and realistic approach, and consideration for the good of the majority.

Emilie Sayler I am a fourth generation and lifelong Montanan, born and raised in Butte, America. I attended Butte Central and then Montana Western where I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration emphasizing in Small Business Management. I also earned a Graduate Certificate in Public Health Administration from the University of Montana. I have worked in the administration and fiscal areas of healthcare and human services since 2009, with seven years at the Ruby Valley Hospital in Sheridan. I have lived here with my three children and labrador retriever for eight years. I was appointed to the Town Council for the Town of Sheridan in 2018 and I am running to secure another term so that I can continue the work we have done in establishing solid planning for our community's future - while working to prioritize efforts that will preserve our heritage as we continue to grow and thrive here in God's Country.

Virginian City City Commission 

Amy Grice I have a connection to Virginia City through my great uncle Henry Elling, an important figure in the Montana Territory, and moved here fulltime in 2015. My first career was as an equine veterinarian, and now I am self-employed as a business consultant for veterinarians. I want to continue to serve on the City Council because I am committed to giving back to my community, and have the business knowledge and leadership skills to help guide our diverse community through the inevitable challenges we will face as we grow and develop. I enjoy working to find collaborative solutions to the issues we face, and have a strong desire to keep our town the unique, eclectic, rural place that is so special to all of us.

Gay Rossow I was born in Whitewood SD and attended high school in Broadus, Mont. After completing a BS in Accounting from Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Mont,, I moved to Virginia City. Bovey Restorations hired me to work as an accountant and I stayed four more seasons as the assistant general manager. When the Bovey holdings were being sold to the state, I left for massage school. I have been doing massages at the fishing lodges in the summer and Big Sky in the winter since 2001. My sister Kay and I ran the Bale of Hay Saloon for 16 years before we purchased the Cousin’s Candy Shop. We just finished our third season. I served on the Chamber of Commerce Board for almost 30 years. I am running for this position because I believe in preserving the history of Virginia City and maintaining our way of life.

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