It doesn’t get much fresher than this, folks. FACEBOOK PHOTO

New name, new digs

In an effort to better reflect their garden’s relationship with the Ennis area, community gardeners in Jeffers have renamed their prized plot and market to the Community Garden and Market for Greater Ennis.

There’s nothing like filling up a bag with a fresh load of veggies from the garden.

What makes your garden grow?

The death of my first Roma tomato plant nearly a decade ago haunts me to this day. The beautiful specimen, carefully planted in a large pot for easy relocation from indoors to outdoors, was doing swimmingly. Green tomatoes were just ripening red when I left it on the porch on a lovely July day in Big Sky.

Debbie Rogers stays busy with all her outdoor pursuits. Her two dogs go on long hikes with her, tag along when she goes horseback riding, or when she rides around on her ATV. PHOTO BY JANA BOUNDS

Faith and gardening

Debbie Rogers delights in the natural world. Everyday she is out in it – horseback riding, hiking, and then digging around in the dirt of her organic garden. The chickens cluck and the rooster struts, all pecking at the dirt, ridding the garden of invaders. Raspberry bushes provide sustenance and shade on hot days.

Reported by the New York Times, Nate Kleinman of New Jersey posted on his social media for the planting of ‘Corona Victory Gardens.’ He heard from 1,000 gardeners after doing so. PHOTO COURTESY OF KAYE SUZUKI


Once upon a time, a tattered traveler came to a small village and asked for something to eat. “No, we have barely enough for ourselves,” said the wary villagers as they started shutting the door. “Then could you spare some water for my pot?” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

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