A League to Call their own

Women’s softball has been around since 1888. it became a game of fast pitch at the end of the Great Depression. Then professional leagues were created. Women’s softball wasn’t well accepted in the beginning as men were concerned that women’s bodies couldn’t handle the stress of the game. Boy were they wrong.

In ennis the girls’ youth softball association is organized by four strong women. They have a passion to keep this historical game going for the local young girls. These four women came together and found they each had strengths to collaborate with each other to create a perfectly executed girls youth softball league.

Adina VomBerg joined the board this year. she coached last year and helped with fundraising. she helps with the catchers gear, she helps the coaches at practices with the pop fly center.

She and her husband love working with the girls. They have been working with the girls since tball and have enjoyed watching them get better each year. “That’s why we love softball, it’s all encompassing when it comes to ennis,” said VomBerg.

Tanya Matson has been the secretary for the ennis youth softball association for three years. “i chose to volunteer for the position because of my love for the sport. i love the passion these girls show during every game and practice. They show up with the same enthusiasm to each game regardless of the weather or team we are facing. This year has been especially rewarding due to how quickly these girls have improved throughout this season.” Tanya is the bookkeeper for the team. she gets the girls lined up and keeps track of their progress. she is cheering them on from the sidelines. Her positive attitude is reflected in the attitude of the players.

Jessica Harvey has been a part of the association for three years. she said that playing softball in Montana is hard. “Between cOViD, ice gorge destroying fields, and weather constantly getting in the way of practice and games it takes a lot of time and work to pull it off. Our softball program would not be possible without the coaches, umpires and parents. i’m so grateful i get to be a part of this program and spend time with the girls doing something that we all love!” said Harvey.

Abby Thomas, fundraiser extraordinaire, was sitting with some moms watching the girls play last spring. “it’s so cold. let’s get the girls/boys all decked out and create a united front for girls and boys softball and baseball. We moms took inventory of the gear and made a list to help the program with uniforms and gear. We raised $20,620. We structured specific items to be purchased by the sponsors,” said Thomas.

“I think what makes a rec program successful is a community that steps up and supports and the ennis community stepped up,” she said.

Ennis youth are blessed to have these four ladies pulling for this important program. a total of 65 girls create five teams. Way to go ladies! Keep up the great work. 

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