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Twin Bridges girls’ basketball team had the lead all along on Harrison. The rescheduled game on Feb. 4 in Harrison highlighted two players on the court, Twin Bridges’ senior Ashleigh Guinnane and Harrison freshman Dana Lerum. Each led their teams in just about every way. The Falcons steadily gained on the Wildcats from the start. The point gap widened with every passing quarter. Both teams scored the most points in the second quarter, and both teams missed out on almost the same amount of points from the free throw line. The Falcons had more opportuni-ties off the line, which they capitalized on 50% of the time. The Wildcats and Falcons will meet again Feb. 14 in Twin Bridges.

The Falcons had a slow start but finished strong against the Wolverines. They lost the game in West Yellowstone Feb. 8. West Yellowstone dominated the first quarter. The Falcons defense and offense was off in the first eight minutes. But their defense gained their composure in the second quarter and the points followed in the second half.At the end of the first half, Twin Bridges was down 15 points. They closed that gap to five points by the end of the game. Allie Dale and Hailey Pack lead the Falcons in points with help from Ashleigh Guinnane in the fourth quarter, where Twin Bridges nearly doubled their points. It was a fight until the end.

The Ennis boys’ basketball season has had its wins and losses. Great movements in the season can be credited to multiple players, but one Mustang always shows up. Ian Swanson has found the net more consistently than most in the 12C-conference. When his performance is combined with Ennis sophomore, Brand Ostler, it is a sight to see. Three-pointers all day. But the Mustangs lost both games in the first week of February. Swanson and Ostler led Ennis in points against the Jefferson Panthers Feb. 6. They scored all but four points of the game, each opening the second quarter with three-pointers.The point-spread for the Mustangs was wider against the Granite Prospectors in Philipsburg Feb. 7. True to form, Swanson lead in points. Andrew Beardsley and Ostler both made a pair of three-pointers. The Mustangs trailed close behind the Prospectors but could not gain the lead. The Mustangs head to Drummond Feb. 14 to challenge the Trojans.

Harrison won the game against Sheridan in the first quarter. The Panthers struggled to find the net behind the Wildcats defense. Sheridan had a better percentage at the free throw line, making four of the seven shots. The Wildcats spread of points was mostly even, with Luke Cima scoring the most within three quarters.  Sheridan and Harrison will both have away games next on Valentine’s Day. 

The Wildcats more than doubled the Bear’s points in Lima Feb. 7. Luke Cima lead in points, scoring four points in each quarter he played in. The younger Cima, Joe, was close behind scoring 11 points for the Wildcats. Another from the freshman class, Sage Buus, put up 11 points. Andrew Bacon netted a pair of three-pointers in the second half. 

The Falcons won the game by four points in Harrison Feb. 4. Twin Bridges continued their winning streak, but Harrison was ample competition. The Wildcats did not keep a lead on the Falcons but were never too far behind. Twin Bridges senior, Nate Konen shot at 88% in the game and 50% from the free throw line, earning him 16 points. Konen lead the Falcons in points and defensive rebounds. Bryce Nye and Charlie Kruer each scored 10 points, but their shooting percentages were less than usual. Kruer, a typical threat outside the arch, was unable to connect with the net at the distance. But he capitalized in the right lane. Nye’s proficiency for setting up plays did not waver against the Wildcats. He lead with seven assists for the Falcons. Matt Kaiser was instrumental for the Falcons, scoring eight points and using his height under the net to make seven offensive rebounds. Harrison 11th-grader, Christian Contreras lead the Wildcats in points sinking three three-pointers. He also led in offensive rebounds for the Wildcats. Luke Cima and James Hernval each scored 10 points for the Wildcats. The Harrison sophomore, Hernval, did not see as much playing time as other players but was one of their top scorers of the night. He averaged about a point a minute. The Falcons and Wildcats will meet again on the court Feb. 14 in Twin Bridges.


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