Q&A with all-school student of the week Reid Johnson


Every week, The Madisonian is sent information on various students throughout the county and their achievements at their respective school. Recently, we miss-reported that Reid Johnson was Student of the Week for Sheridan Schools and then again for Harrison Schools, so we sat down with the student from Twin Bridges to get the facts straight.


Caitlin Avey: What school do you attend?

Reid Johnson: Twin Bridges.


CA: What grade are you in?

RJ: Seventh grade.


CA: We originally reported you as student of the week at Sheridan, have you ever attended school at Sheridan?

RJ: No, and it was funny because I knew I was going to be student of the week but when everyone was laughing I was like ‘what’s going on?’ and I saw that I was listed as from Sheridan, I just laughed.


CA: The next week, we reported you as being from Harrison – Have you been to Harrison’s School before?

RJ: Nope!


CA: What do you like about school?

RJ: Umm, mostly learning and hanging around with friends while doing that. The interactive things too that will probably prepare you for jobs later on.


CA: What’s your favorite subject?

RJ: I like math a lot. I feel like it just has a pattern and I can do it and I like Algebra.


CA: You’ve got some time but any idea what you want to do after school?

RJ: No, not really.


CA: What’s your favorite thing about being a Falcon?

RJ: Here everyone is nice, they come with a smile. They’re always just ready to do something and I feel like we do a lot here, learning wise. We have this thing in science we’re doing, PLTW, it’s kind of like STEM and right now, we’re doing stuff with DNA and it’s really interesting.


CA: What other things do you really like about school in Twin Bridges?

RJ: We have a good band, I’m in that and play the saxophone. We go to tournaments often and we like to show our pride to our school. We hosted the middle school band festival and that was really fun.


CA: What do you like about music and band?

RJ: I love our teacher, Mrs. Wisler, she’s a great teacher. She makes playing fun but also, we’re learning and we usually get to pick the songs we want to learn and just have a good time.


CA: What does it mean to be chosen as student of the week?

RJ: I just feel good, and proud of myself that I did something and earned an achievement. I’ve just got to keep working on it. 

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