Mrs. Paden will be the special education instruction for grades K-12. PHOTO COURTESY OF TWIN BRIDGES SCHOOL/CINDY BROWN NEWSLETTER


Twin Bridges School Board met Tuesday, June 9 to discuss summer programs, the 2021 school year and adding a special education teacher to the District.

The Driver’s Education program, open gym, weight room access and Pride Program will continue this summer. A policy was suspended that typically addressed summer activities overall, which allowed for the school to approve activities one at a time, easier amidst the coronavirus.

“What we did not approve was the community use of the weight room and gym,” Board Chair Steve Janzen said. The plan allowing student use through a scheduled school activity was approved by the Madison County Public Health Board, but community use was not part of this plan.

Regarding the 2021 school year, the board hopes to receive a framework in July and approve a plan in August. “What we asked administration to do was to bring to us plans for what they think it should look like so we could then consider and discuss and go through,” Janzen said.

The framework will be informed by health, data, adaptability and the overall mission of providing education to students. Janzen retold a question from the public that asked if the school planned on starting early, like some around the country, to allow for extended Thanksgiving and Winter breaks. Janzen’s response was the calendar had already been approved, “and we don’t foresee any changes to that calendar.” A new prekindergarten teacher was hired. Mrs. Emily Alberi, formerly in this role, will assume the first-grade teaching position. Mrs. Amy Paden, former first grade teacher, enrolled in a program to become the school’s special education teacher. She will go through schooling and assume the role simultaneously.

“We’re really excited. Mrs. Paden has been a great teacher and we’re excited about this new step in her career,” Janzen said.

“Mrs. Paden is motivated and excited about the opportunity for a career change while staying in the community and school that she loves. We are so fortunate to have Mrs. Paden in this new role,” Principal Cindy Brown said in an email newsletter.

For a little over a month and a half, the District has been seeking proposals to have custodial work done through a contract versus by employees. Interest has been minimal, and the current custodian contract was renewed through the summer. The District will continue advertisements for proposals in the meantime.

An out of district student was approved and the revised handbook was approved. The strategic plan will be maintained as a dynamic document and a special meeting was scheduled to address important items in the plan. An inter-local agreement with the Montana Digital Academy was renewed

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