W. Main Street parking to change in Ennis

Parked RVs to require conditional use permit

ENNIS –  Ennis town council solved a problem at its Thursday, May 9 meeting.

The council decided to repaint parking lines on the north side of West Main St. to create diagonal parking spots, which will make the narrow road fire truck accessible at all times.

Police Chief John Moore said that when large trucks are parked on both sides of the street, where the street and the angled intersection meet, there’s barely enough space for his cruiser to pass through.

The decision didn’t require a board vote because of obvious safety concerns.

Council members huddled around Mayor Blake Leavitt and a marked-up map to discuss all options of making the street more accessible. 

The best conditions for long lasting paint results happen when the concrete heats to 50 degrees. The board plans to paint the parking spots at that time.

Signs will be placed to enforce the parking regulations. 

The town council also wants to enforce a conditional use permit for RVs parked in Ennis, especially on the corner of First St. and Hugel St. 

“I really want to see this cleaned up,” Mayor Leavitt said. “But we have to implement a system so that we can enforce it.”

Moore and Leavitt agreed on a system that involves requiring a conditional use permit, issuing a warning letter around the expired date and ticketing RVs that fail to heed to the warning. The wording of the Ennis parking ordinance will be slightly altered to enforce the plan in place.

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