Sheriff reports storage unit burglaries

During the Twin Bridges Council meeting on March 13, Sherifff Roger Thompson reported no serious law enforcement issues in Twin Bridges for the previous month, but said storage shed burglaries had occurred around the county.

“The bad news around the county is that our storage unit burglaries are starting to pick back up again,” said Thompson. “We've been hit three times in about the last three-and-a-half weeks. Surrounding counties are getting the same thing again, storage unit burglaries are starting to happen again. Right now, we have no leads other than suspecting that the ones that we didn't get last time are back. Unfortunately, nobody's seen anything yet. They're picking locks that are really cheap, thin locks and seem to be avoiding the really heavy duty locks. This one down here at the edge of town also has been contacted, I believe. But it's kind of on the edge of the county and the edge of the town, so people can pick on it and they picked on it last time too. It's something that coming around but it's not just this county, it seems. Bozeman and Gallatin County have had a lot of break-ins.”

Councilmember Nolan Frandsen asked if recent burglaries have been limited to storage units, or if residential properties have been targeted, as well.

“The storage units are what we've got,” said Thompson. “We really haven't had any, since probably last early fall, but that's really dropped. But that's when three or four of that group had been arrested. We know that those weren't the only ones. We know that there's about at least three others out there that we still lack and we just haven't been able to build a case enough on those. However, they seem to have not come back or they haven't been spotted here. Back at that time, because we had storage sheds being broken into, remote houses and remote garages were being burglarized at the same time. That has not come back yet.”

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