Sheridan suspends lawn watering

Potable water storage tank at critical level

SHERIDAN - On Sunday July 15, the Sheridan Public Works Director Curtis Green contacted Mayor Bob Stump to inform him that the potable water storage tank level had dropped to a critical level.

The storage tank was barely half full and that level would be inadequate to support any structure firefighting efforts in the town. 

As a result, Stump initiated a Code Red message that was distributed by the Madison County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch alerting Sheridan residents to suspend lawn watering until further notice.

Sheridan has continued to monitor the tank levels to ensure we maintain safe levels for fire protection.  Sheridan is also continuing to remain vigilant in notifying people that may not have heard that lawn watering is suspended.  The suspension does not apply to those residents with private wells.

The current well field lacks sufficient water to adequately support all water uses in the town.

Three of the town’s four wells are basically unusable and the fourth well is running for a significant period of time each day to try to keep up with demand.  Sheridan continues to actively pursue a new well north of town, but that effort may not be completed until next spring.  The documentation required to request grants and/or loans requires significant time to generate, review, and receive approval.

Sheridan has also worked diligently over the past year on trying to rehabilitate our existing wells to little or no benefit. Sheridan has also undertaken an effort recently to gain a better understanding of our old water supply system in the Indian Creek drainage to determine if the water rights and access are still viable.

 “We know this is a great hardship for all and we ask that you remain patient,” says a city news release. “Residents may hand water flowers, gardens, and trees. We also ask that residents contact Madison County emergency management to ensure you are enrolled in the Code Red notification system or ensure your contact information has not changed.”

The town uses the Sheridan High School message board located on Main Street for important notices.  In addition, the official notice posting locations for Sheridan are the Post Office, McLeod Mercantile, Opportunity Bank, Walter’s Family Foods, the Library, and Town Hall.

Any questions should be directed to Town Hall at 842-5431 or by attending a council meeting.

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