Madison County’s 2019 Municipal General Election results

Madison County towns of Ennis and Twin Bridges voted on town council seats, while Virginia City residents voted on a temporary 1 percent increase in their resort tax. Mailed-in ballots or ballots filled out at the Madison County Annex building for the 2019 Municipal General Elections were accepted until 8 p.m. Nov. 5.

Ennis voters were asked to vote on three of the four names on the ballot. Incumbent town commissioners John Bancroft and Cory Hardy were reinstated for another four years on the council. Hardy received the most votes of the election, with 188 people voting for him. Bancroft was next, with 136 votes. The new comer, Kristy Ranson, was only three votes behind Bancroft, winning a seat on the Ennis town council. 

Twin Bridges’ election had two parts. James “JB” Klyap solidified the seat he took over several months ago as town commissioner. Voters were required to vote for two of the three names in the second section, which were four-year seats on the Twin Bridges Town Council. 

Incumbent Scott Holbrook won the popular vote for one of the four-year terms. With 60 votes, Holbrook returns to the Town Council. Joe Willauer won the second seat, but because he was appointed to the mayor position in October, he will not be filling it. The open seat will be advertised for residents to submit applications, and the council will appoint the position. It is uncertain when advertising or the appointment will happen.

In a 98:19 decision, Virginia City will adopt a 1 percent increase in their resort tax to purchase the Central Parking Lot property. This additional 1 percent is required to go toward infrastructure, according to Montana Senate Bill No. 241. It will apply to the sale of all luxury-item and travel accommodations in Virginia City between May 1 and Oct. 31.

Active May 1, 2020, the additional 1 percent will terminate when “all the debts and project costs associated” with purchasing the Central Parking Lot are completed. The 1 percent resort tax increase is predicted to bring in about another $35,000 per year, making the purchase complete in about four to five years.

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