Participants in a multi-scenario training exercise at Sheridan Schools on Friday, May 12. PHOTO COURTESY JOE BRUMMELL

Active shooter training event

Agencies team up for multi-scenario training exercise

In an ongoing effort to prepare for an active shooter event, the Madison County Sheriff's Office, Communication Center, Motor Carrier Services, and Emergency Management teamed up to conduct a multi-scenario training exercise. The exercise occurred Friday, May 12, 2023, while the Sheridan Elementary School was out of session. The goal was to allow the various departments to test components, including radio communication strategies, room-clearing techniques, response procedures, identifying potential threats, and neutralization methods. Madison County Emergency Management Director Joe Brummell stated, "It is a shame we must even consider planning for events like these; learning from past active shooting incidents and being unprepared has proven deadly in other states. We are still in the early phases of having a consolidated plan for active shooters, but starting with law enforcement and solidifying their tactics makes integrating other responding agencies (EMS, fire, hospitals, etc.) more straightforward in a combined effort to how we as emergency agencies respond to active shooting incidents. We want to thank the Sheridan School Officials for letting us use their facility; we hope to reach out to all the schools within the county and conduct drills within their facilities as well.”

 This exercise is one of many steps in emergency preparedness for a large-scale event. There will be additional drills soon within Madison County, including a full-scale exercise with numerous first responder entities as the departments continuously improve emergency response plans, protocols, and the safety of our Madison County residents and visitors. Be on the lookout for public notifications regarding upcoming events. Thank you to Sheridan School District for allowing the use of their building.

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