The flu and novel virus

Events over 50 people are no longer allowed in Madison County due to COVID-19 risks.

Events that the Madison County Public Health Department has approved are allowed to continue. But the department will no longer approve events over 50 or 200 people as of Aug. 19. Schools and their sporting events will be excluded from the rule. Madison County has a single active COVID-19 case as of Aug. 25. The governor’s mask mandate is currently not in effect but that can change daily, if and when active cases reach four. The novel virus has infected over 90 Madison County residents since the beginning of the pandemic.

MCBH stressed that the public should continue social distancing with others wear face coverings in public spaces because those are the best practices to reduce virus spread.

Influenza’s seasonal presence in communities across the country is approaching. Some healthcare providers are predicting a lower-than-normal volume of flu infection because of travel bans and heightened awareness of people’s germs.

Getting a flu vaccination is another way people can protect their immune systems from potentially being weakened during the pandemic. Two virus outbreaks at a time would overrun hospitals. Getting the flu shot this year may help capacity concerns in hospitals. According to the MCPHD, the department will begin receiving flu vaccinations for schools and community members in September.

The MCBH will meet at 5:30 p.m. Sept. 1. The meeting agenda and login information will be posted on the Madison County website closer to the meeting date.

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