Numbers beneath the bars indicate the number of cases from the prior week. For example, the week labeled 11/15/20 and the corresponding 72 shows that the county reported 72 new cases between 11/8 and 11/15. PHOTO COURTESY OF MELISSA BRUMMELL, MCPHD

Another death reported in the county

Madison County COVID update

Between Nov. 9-15, Madison County reported 68 coronavirus cases.

Two additional residents have been hospitalized since last week, bringing the total number of hospitalizations throughout the pandemic to 16. The total death count is now two. Two hundred and twenty individuals are quarantined.

“Close contact circles are a lot larger than they had been,” Madison County Public Health Nurse Melissa Brummell said. This is due in part to people not social distancing as much and participating in non-essential tasks, Brummell explained.

Regarding the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Brummell advised that people switch the mentality a bit and make the holiday special for those in your household, avoiding large gatherings. “A little bit of sacrifice right now could definitely save our loved one’s lives,” she said.

The Brummells are keeping Thanksgiving within their three-person household this year—Joe, Melissa and their son Nathan. Melissa explained Thanksgiving is her husband’s holiday and the family usually goes to a friend’s house for a big dinner.

“This is an opportunity to enjoy a smaller version,” she explained. They will have a small turkey, fewer sides and less cleanup. The time saved by downsizing allows them to spend more time together and appreciate each other’s company.

On a more comical but practical note, Melissa pointed out if there is a special side that you would want all for yourself, this may be the year. Joe loves cranberry sauce and now he will have more to himself since it will just be made for him and their son.

Melissa does not like cranberry sauce, but she will get a whole sweet potato all to herself.

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