Yes Madison County, he’s only 22 years old

The newest business owner in Ennis

Ennis has found a new, Not So Average Joe. The new owner of Dickinson Tire Shop, formerly D&D Tire, Gus Dickinson, is said to be a man of his word. His work ethic is to be commended. His respect to his community and family is above reproach.

When asked why Gus is not so average his sister Paige said, “He is a great big brother. He is brave, funny, hardworking, kind, independent and smart, always helping others.”

Gus comes from a family of four children. He is the oldest and only son. He can be found supporting his sisters in various activities. While his mother is supporting one daughter at her event Gus will be found at another sister's event sitting and cheering her on. He comes from a big supportive family and close friends here in Ennis and in Ohio, South Carolina, California, Texas, Georgia and Colorado.

He always said he never wanted to disappoint his grandparents, Jerry and Carol Dickinson of Cameron, Mont. When Gus played football or basketball he gave it his all so he could be proud of his work and make his grandparents proud too, and that he did on many occasions. He is now making them proud as a young business owner in Ennis. Gus said, “You don’t have to go to college to be successful. I wanted to stay in Ennis. When the opportunity arose to purchase the tire shop I had to take it, it was my way of staying in the area I love.”

From a young age he was taught to hunt, trap and fish. He was taught to respect firearms and property owners and his elders. “Gus can carry on a conversation with any person he comes in contact with. He makes them laugh and feel comfortable,” said Logan, his younger sister. She also said, “He knows a lot of things about a lot of things and is sensitive and has a big heart.” “He is also good at teaching me new things,” said youngest sister Reese, a strong indication of loving parents that took the time to teach Gus the value of respecting all people, himself, and his environment.

When asked what makes Gus Dickinson a Not So Average Guy Dennis Dedman, owner of D&D Auto, said this, “Gus started working for me just out of high school at 18 years old. He was so dependable and took over the leadership position at the tire shop. He just turned 22 and has just done a remarkable job for me for four years. I wanted to give him a chance to prove himself and he did. He’s just a remarkable young man. You don’t see many kids like that that actually want to work and have a good work ethic.”

With his strong sense of community Gus is thrilled to purchase a business here where he can continue to take care of the people he loves and appreciates. When you walk into the tire shop he greets you with a smile and a booming hello calling you by name. Laura, his mother, said, “He is so strong, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. And perhaps, a bit of a momma's boy.” and his dad reiterated what has been the underlying character of Gus, “Gus has a strong work ethic and was always willing to help others, like neighbors, family and friends.”

This quote sums up Gus, “Our Character is more important than how good you are at any sport. Your athleticism is only temporary, but your character, the type of person you are, lasts forever. Be humble. Be compassionate. Be Grateful. Be honest and put others first. Be the best person you can be." -Baseball Dudes

Welcome Gus as the youngest, newest, business owner in Ennis. 

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