Why donate blood?

To save a life

On May 24, 59 people came to Bethel United Methodist church in sheridan to donate blood. each person came for their own reason. some came to help save a life, others came to help fill their need to volunteer.

Linda Robertson and Kathy shaffer have been the driving force behind this quarterly blood drive in sheridan for many years. Robertson and shaffer secure the location, get snacks donated, schedule appointments, help set up the blood drive and greet every person coming in with a welcoming smile and kind hello.

When asked why she decided to head up the blood drive Robertson said, “i believe in donating blood, i think it’s really important, it saves lives. We have a huge community that is so supportive of the quarterly drive. They are generous, care about other people and want to do what they can to help save lives. They are all a bunch of heroes in my estimation.”

Vitalant brings all their own equipment and a few times a year the schools Fccla students will bake cookies and bring them, it’s a great donation. The community says the reason there is such a good turnout is because they have really great treats. Robertson and Shaffer trying to rebook for the next drive during the drive going on. Robertson goes through the list of donors and makes phone calls to fill the vacant spots. The community knows there is a real need and are happy to help fill the vacant spots. On august 2nd at 11:30 there will be slots enough for 80 donors. “i think people know the need for blood and these extra spots will fill quickly,” Roberston said.

Robertson received blood once which showed to her the importance of donating and gave her the drive to take over this program. if a student is 16 or older, with a parent’s permission, they can donate as well. Robertson said, “We need younger donors as our older donors are not as able to donate anymore.

Shaffer said of her experience, “i have always been one for giving back to the community. i have been a nurse and it’s in my blood to take care of people. The big reason for my drive to help with the blood drive was my father’s need for blood transfusions. I get excited when I get word that my blood is on its way to go save a life or my blood saved a life today.” She will miss this volunteering experience as this was her last volunteer blood drive. she is moving to arizona. she will miss her dear friend linda.

Thank you ladies for this life saving volunteer work you do for our community.

To make an appointment go to or call linda at 406-842-7264 to schedule an appointment.

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