Q & A with Jody Sandru

Don’t sit around and complain, find solutions

Jody Sandru did a fun question and answer session with me. Please enjoy Jody’s insight into the importance of volunteering in our communities.

Why do you volunteer?

My parents modeled volunteering early in my life as my mom was my Bluebird leader and sunday school teacher before i entered school. Both my parents opened our home to anyone in need and were busy raising money for numerous medical associations. early on in my life, they taught me that money is not what makes you happy--the joy of helping others is what makes you rich.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Helena, Mont., and am so grateful to have grown up in our capital city. i think living in Helena instilled a sense of civic duty in me, and my parents always celebrated our bill of rights, the importance of a democracy and the importance of productive debate. They taught me to truly listen to others before i start talking.

What are the organizations/events that you volunteer for?

For 24 years, i have organized the Twin Bridges community Giving Tree for children in our community with the help of my student elves. Our goal is to help brighten the holidays for families in need and provide nutritional food baskets for the holiday break. i love having my students volunteer because it has a profound impact on them. For ten years i served as a 4-H leader and am currently serving on the Madison county Fairgrounds improvement Foundation Board. The non-profit foundation’s mission is “to preserve, promote and support the Madison county Fairgrounds through grants, donations, fundraising and planned giving. Our aim is to continue the legacy of agriculture, recreation, education and community gatherings by providing funding for the Madison county Fairgrounds.” in addition i love to mentor new teachers who are entering the profession.

What are some events you have put on or helped put together?

This year i helped plan the send offs for our girls basketball team to divisional and state tournaments. i love to celebrate students’ successes and build Falcon pride. One of my favorite summer events is helping set up and serve at the Twin Bridges alumni association banquet. learning about our school history and meeting the graduates, whose photographs i see daily on the composite posters in the hall, is so wonderful. and i love to support small entrepreneurs who are the backbone of rural america and instill an entrepreneurial mindset in all of my students.

What would you like the readers to know about the importance of volunteering?

I love Margaret Mead’s quote, “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” We all can make the world a better place, with one smile, one random act of kindness, and one positive outlook. Don’t sit around and complain, find solutions instead and never give up until you’ve made a positive difference.

Thank you Jody for your thoughtful insights into the importance of volunteering. Thank you for your many countless hours of giving back to your community.

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