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Bob Manners gives back

Bob Manners was recently recognized by the Director of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks for the “substantial contribution that you have made to brucellosis mitigation, game damage mitigation, elk tolerance and elk research in the Madison Valley.”

Manners has been hazing and herding elk for the FWP near Cameron for nine years. His work begins on Feb. 16, the day after big game elk hunting season ends. He bundles up in layers every day and heads out on his quad to assist in “shared grazing”. “i really enjoy doing it. i try to move them (the elk) slow so they aren’t getting injured, tearing up fence or devastating one ranch,” said Manners.

As spring nears and the elk start to calve, Manners tries to push the elk up into the mountains to calve. This helps in brucellosis management, as an infected cow elk’s afterbirth can reportedly remain in the soil and grass for months and increase the chance of cattle becoming infected.

“You have been an asset to FWP and to the private landowners of the Madison Valley in many ways during your nine years with us. Your work across diverse private land ownerships to help landowners lower elk concentrations and shorten the duration of elk presence during the brucellosis risk period is critical to management goals. Your respect of private landowner needs and your quick response time is important and appreciated. Your willingness to work early mornings, late nights and weekends in extreme weather conditions is admirable. Your willingness to work every single day in a month to move elk slowly and carefully across the landscape to avoid breaking fences is important and valued by FWP and landowners. Per our calculations, you have spent 449 days moving elk and driven over 24,000 miles doing so. These miles are equivalent to the circumference of the globe!” stated the letter of commendation.

Fish, Wildlife & Parks goes on to say, “You do this work with kindness, patience and without complaint; a trait rare to find these days!. . . You are an exceptional, indispensable and valued part of the FWP team in the Madison Valley. Thank you for going the extra mile and assisting with this important work.”

Congratulations and thank you Bob Manners! Keep up the great work!

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