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Toni came out in the summer of 1993 to work at the Opera House Theatre. Then came back in 1994. she purchased the store, Rank’s Mercantile, late in 1994. she came from Orcas island in the san Juan islands off of Washington state. “i came because of the old women, the rocks and the stars.” she loved all of the old women taking care of each other. she collected lots of rocks on her trip out in 1993, took them home and then brought them back when she moved here.

“Toni is all about bringing cultural awareness to the town with her chautauquas. she brings people in from all over to enjoy her chautauquas all of which are a contribution and not a fee. she wants to elevate the whole atmosphere of Virginia city,” said scott Petersen.

Toni is part of the Volunteer Fire Department, Fire Department board and the Vc Fire Department auxiliary. “she keeps all the guys in line and makes sure the guys do all their paperwork. she holds the volunteers together. Well, she’s Toni, the town wouldn’t run without her,” said Bob erdall. as one of the firefighters she goes out on calls, keeps the books as the treasurer, all while still managing her business.

The Vc Fire Department auxiliary consists of Toni and Kay Rossow. Together they raise half the budget for the fire department through two fundraisers. The cakewalk and the sOB, save Our Buildings fundraiser. if you have an opportunity to attend one of these fundraising events you will be quite pleased with what you find. The organization and activities are put together with perfection. come with money to spend as the buyers are generous and the auction pieces are highly sought after. The children love the cupcake walk and the parents sit and enjoy a beverage or two before the auction begins.

The Vc Fire board is a county board that receives taxes from outlying areas, she is the treasurer of this organization. she is part of the HPac city board. They are an advisory board to the city to keep the integrity of the historical nature of the quaint mountain village. The board makes sure any structures built are kept within the regulations set for the town.

Toni loves being a part of the fire department, she has a passion for her Ellinghouse performances and loves being in her yard. When not volunteering, Toni can be found curled up in a chair or in her bed enjoying a good book, she is an avid reader. in fact Toni has quite a collection of various genres of books in the basement of her shop, Rank’s Mercantile, in Virginia city.

Not only does she keep all the volunteer firefighters in line she can be found handing out her remedy for anything that ails you, Vernor’s ginger ale. it’s a household staple for most families in Virginia city. Toni has been known to deliver this all healing soda, at any hour of the day or night to those in need. she also supports all of the student age children in town with their fundraising efforts.

Toni is an extraordinary woman with great passion for her town and the history it holds.

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