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Local Harrison resident pays tribute to 9/11 attacks in a patriotic way

“I’m super proud of it.” This is what Travis Reynolds said of his 9/11 tribute, with the intent to spread patriotism across Madison County. Reynolds, a true patriot in his own right, is the owner of the famous stinger stacker in Harrison.

The inspiration for the patriotic wrap is simple. The issued serial number of the new vehicle is 911. Reynolds states that he was even notified of this beforehand and was asked if he thought it would be bad luck. Reynolds dismissed that thought and immediately realized what he was going to do.

“It was absolutely perfect. It fit in perfectly with what I wanted to do… It was just meant to be… There’s only one 9/11 that will ever happen in the United States, and there is only one 911 stinger stacker ever made,” Reynolds said.

Like most Americans, Reynolds remembers where he was and what he was doing on the day of the attacks in 2001. Ever since then, he has always wanted to pay tribute in some way. In fact, Reynolds had been planning something similar to this for years and just never had the right moment.

Finally the perfect match had come along. Reynolds reached out to SCS Racing in Four Corners to see what they could do. The design team, led by Steve Miller, heard of the idea and absolutely ran with it. The results of the stinger are stunning.

The wrap design includes a picture perfect tribute to the 9/11 attacks in 2001. It all begins with the highlighted New York City skyline. Reynolds states that the design highlights all of the most important parts of the city, including the Twin Towers at the forefront. The background of the design is a waving American flag, fading into the background of the city. Last but not least, the beam on each side includes the phrase “Never Forget” to remind us all what occurred that day.

“I want people to remember. I want them to pass me when I’m in that thing and say ‘We live in the best country and place in the world’,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds himself is a lifelong resident of Madison County. Originally from Pony, Mont., he began stacking hay and using a stinger stacker at the young age of 12. Reynolds worked hard during his upbringing, but he loved every second of it.

“I had the most picture perfect parents growing up. They worked me hard but they made sure I had a ton of fun too. I wouldn’t have changed a thing,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds moved Harrison full time in 2012, after working in Dillon for years, commuting back and forth. At that point he decided he had spent too much time away from his family and moved his entire operation home. Reynolds has never really lived outside of Madison County and plans on staying in the future.

“Madison County is my home through and through. I love Madison county,” Reynolds said.

In the time building up to July Fourth in Madison County, Reynolds kept the new stinger stacker under wraps, waiting for the right timing. He wanted the vehicle to be a reminder to locals of all that they have, while they celebrate the birth of the United States.

“I believe that I’m truly fortunate to do what I do. Sometimes we all take things for granted in our lives. I want this to be a reminder of all that we have,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds spent the Fourth with his wife and two kids, celebrating the Madison County way. He made sure to mention that it wouldn’t be possible without his hard working crew.

“It wouldn’t be possible without them. They make the Fourth a great day for my family,” Reynolds said. 

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