100 Years Ago

The Madisonian Times, Feb. 8, 1918

London, Feb. 6 ---From the North sea to the Swiss frontier the military activity daily seems to be growing in intensity, and it may be fair to assume that in the not distant future some of the big battles that have been forecast will break. The American, British and French armies have been taking hacks at the German line, either by fairly strong patrol attacks or by bombardments, while in turn the Teutons have been giving considerable attention on various sectors to their enemies.

From the American point of view another successful maneuver by the Americans on their sector of the front is of the greatest interest. As on last Saturday, the Americans again nipped in the bud an impending surprise attack attack on their trenches and taught the Germans a salutary lesson with their artillery. In the German trenches, the Teutons were waiting the word to go over the top for an attack when the Americans opened a heavy fire on the positions.

Heavy casualties are believed to have been inflicted on the Teutons and considerable damage was done by the 75's on the German trenches, due to the accuracy of aim of the American gunners.

The Germans have not yet been able to re-occupy the trenches and dugout battered by American fire Saturday evening and have been forced to build another line of trenches at that particular point.

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