Harrison School Board approves new hires, talks wrestling co-op

It’s safe to say that things are busy in our area schools, and Harrison Schools is no different. During their March 12 regular meeting, board members were informed of upcoming ski trips, Washington D.C. trips, prom, track season starting, student testing, Easter break, parent-teacher conferences, the school play, and more.

The board approved the hiring of Emma Christiansen as the junior high track coach and Alexis Kunzer as the new English teacher for the 2018-2019 school year. The board also approved the resignation of assistant custodian Al Pingrey.

Superintendent Fred Hofman updated the board about some facilities issues, including a concrete step that will need to be replaced at the front entrance, a gutter issue in the back of the building and potentially installing a sprinkler system. “These will all be on our list of summer projects,” said Hofman.

The board also briefly discussed a wrestling co-op with Whitehall schools. The discussion was strictly preliminary at this point said Hofman. “I got a call late last week, so it’s probably best to just sit on it before making any decisions.”

A wrestling co-op would result in students not being able to participate in high school basketball because of the overlapping seasons and would need to be offset with another girls’ sport. Hofman said in his talk with John Sullivan from Whitehall, they would look to either girls’ softball or girls’ tennis. “We try hard to offer things for all kids because not every kid wants to play basketball,” said Wagner. “I just don’t know at this point, but it’s going to have to be the kids’ choice.”

No decision or action was taken on a wrestling co-op during the March 12 meeting.



The board determined to not run a general fund levy for the May election but are required to post permissive levies. Marc Homner made a motion to approve a resolution detailing potential budget increases, which was seconded by Timbre Murphy.

“As an essential part of its budgeting process, the Harrison Board of Trustees is authorized by law to impose levies to support its budget,” stated the resolution. “Final decisions on non-voted levies and our final budgets are not established until August. The legislature’s special session cut block grant funding for transportation. The Harrison Board will not request a voted levy for 2018-19. The Harrison Board of Trustees estimates the following increases in revenues and mills for the funds noted below for the next school fiscal year beginning July 1, 2019, using certified taxable valuations from the current school fiscal year as provided to the district:

Adult Education:      $0.00 increase            0.00 mills increase    

Bus Depreciation:     $7,560 decrease         2.88 mills decrease  

Transportation:        $0.00 increase            0.00 mills increase    

Tuition:                      $10,390 increase        3.95 mills increase   

Building Reserve:     $0.00 increase            0.00 mills increase 

Total:                         $2,830 increase          1.08 mills increase

 Estimated impact on home of $100,000:  $1.45 increase and on a home of $200,000:  $2.91 increase.”

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