Volunteer Spotlight

Stacy Strong: Giving back through emergency services

Texas native Stacy Strong has been in the Madison Valley for eight years. Originally making her way up north for school, Strong found a new forever home. With a full-time job, Strong still manages to find time to volunteer with three emergency services organizations: Madison Valley Rural Fire Department, Ennis Volunteer Ambulance and Madison Valley Search and Rescue. “I’m probably too busy but I can’t say no,” she laughed. Strong's husband got her involved with the MVRFD, and she officially joined the department in 2012. She’s both a firefighter and the department secretary. “I just like helping people and being able to help the community,” she said. “I think a lot of people don’t realize that they can be firefighters or get involved, and we really need all the help we can get.” It’s no secret there’s a volunteer shortage throughout the nation, nor is it a secret that most volunteers are of retirement age. As a young professional, although she’s busy, Strong is able to find time and give back to her community. “The good thing about being a volunteer is you can just do things when you have the time, and I think that deters a lot of people from getting involved,” Strong said. “You don’t have to give everything up to give back.”

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