A note from your publishers

As we watch our fellow business owners scrambling to understand their fast-changing realities and awaiting their slowly unveiled options, we empathize. We’re feeling it, too.

The harsh irony is that the hit to our business community, readers and advertisers is coming at a time when our community desperately
needs the succinct, consistent information we produce.

We have absolutely no idea how this works out for us – and, frankly, we’re choosing to ignore that for just a titch. What we do know is that we do information and connection and neither of those have ever been more relevant.

We believe God knew what he was doing when he assembled this particular team at this particular time. We’ve had some amazing
team members, but never such universal talent, dedication, intelligence and compassion. They are incredibly good people. They believe in and live out our company’s vision – to help people feel connected and find belonging – and all agree we will get through this by helping others.

They are working tirelessly to help us all navigate the changes in our local circumstances without infusing unnecessary fear and panic. More important, they’re finding inordinate joy in uncovering stories of generosity and heroism here in their towns. For that, Erin and I are grateful beyond words. It’s a comforting thing as a publisher to know your reporters truly love people.

Our team became relatively remote-able several years ago. So, unlike many other community newspapers, we’ve been able to focus on getting you the information you need, rather than struggling to adapt our systems to keep our staff healthy.

We will continue to adapt and reinvent how we serve you, with the goal of earning a continued role in this community and as Montana’s oldest continually operating newspaper.

Please remember that you are our eyes and ears – is there something we should know? Something, someone we should be celebrating with you? Something we can do better?

How do newspapers survive? By making a social impact.

We only survive this if we reach for you and you reach back. This is going to pass. Our communities will find themselves on the other side of this with work and healing to do. It would be our honor to walk alongside you. To continue connecting our community, telling your stories and ensuring that your legacies aren’t left to the rumor mill, misinformation or a smattering of social media pages.

Please join us.

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