Remembering Joan Schilling

ENNIS – When a person passes from this world, it is those who are left behind who feel the impact of that loss. Often, the person who has lost their struggle requests no services or recognition because they are a very private person and have totally underestimated their influence on those whose lives they touched.

Arnie and Mary Rosdahl outside their home in Sheridan, a part of the ranch where Mary was raised. Both Montana natives, the pair has lived and ranched in the Madison Valley since 1972. (R. Colyer)

‘A good life’

SHERIDAN—“I have some stories of things that have taken place. Some are worth writing about.”

That’s how Arnie Rosdahl begins the manuscript that will someday turn into his autobiography.

 More than a dozen Ennis community members volunteered to make and serve dinner to members of the Southern California Interagency Incident Management Team (SCIIMT) August 13, when it was discovered their catering truck wouldn’t arrive until the next night. (Photos courtesy of Terri James)

A community effort

ENNIS—As the Southern California Incident Management Team (IMT) began setting up camp in Ennis on August 13 to begin work on the Wigwam and Monument fires. But as the arrived, one key element was still missing:

Reeves at work -  filing the hoof flat, with Ace, supervising

Johnny’s new shoes

TRAIL CREEK – “Most people know me bent over better than face-to-face,” says a chuckling Kristi Reeves, while she trimmed the hooves of “Johnny,” a big bay quarter horse. “They don’t recognize me standing up. But they know I usually wear Wrangler jeans and have a (hoof) knife on the right side,” she continued.

The Prairie Rattlensake (also called the Western Rattlesnake) is the only venomous species of snake out of the ten species in Montana. (MT FWP)

Don’t get rattled!

ENNIS—As the days get hotter and drier, it’s important to watch the ground while hiking, running, horseback riding and walking dogs. The Madison Valley is home to several species of snakes, including Montana’s only venomous one: the prairie rattlesnake (also known as the western rattlesnake).


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