Sheridan junior Micara Devereaux marks the course for the 5k race she and fellow FCCLA students hosted as their chapter service project. The team hopes to make it to the national conference in Anaheim, California this June.

Running for a cause

SHERIDAN—Three Sheridan High School juniors put their FCCLA project to a bigger use this year, hosting a charity 5k run on Saturday, February 23, that raised nearly $1,200 for the local Relay for Life chapter.

 Wildlife Web, a card game developed by Pony author Tom Elpel, offers players a chance to see how the many species of Montana interact with one another and with their surroundings. (T. Elpel photo)

Wild Game

PONY—Tom Elpel has written books about everything from foraging for mushrooms to masonry and the U.S. economy. But his latest project strays some from his usual outdoor education endeavors: a wildlife-based board game designed to teach young players about the interconnected nature of animals, people and the earth.

Wildlife, like this red fox are plentiful in Yellowstone even during the winter, and fortunate to be outfitted in such sturdy and warm coats. The lack of visitors during the winter offers the animals more freedom to utilize roads without fear of disturbance.

Not a walk in the park...

YELLOWSTONE—There are only two types of motorized transport allowed into Yellowstone National Park in the winter: guided snowmobile trips and snowcoaches. From the time the park closes in October to its spring reopening in April, the majority of those who venture into the park will do so with guides.

Montana Raptor Conservation Center’s Teresa Aldrich holds Bu, a Great Horned Owl, during a presentation at the Elling House on February 2. Chaco, a Swainson’s Hawk, rested happily on a perch during the entire demonstration.

Rapt(or) Attention

VIRGINIA CITY—Residents of Virginia City, Alder and Ennis got a visit from some special guests on Saturday, February 2, although they weren’t groundhogs as the day would suggest. In fact, they would probably happily eat a groundhog for breakfast.


ENNIS—Lentils aren’t a particularly glamorous legume, but pizza is something everyone likes. So, students at Ennis Schools used January’s Harvest of the Month to learn more about lentils, transforming them into pizzas that might turn even the most determined skeptic into a lentil eater.

Peter and Gracie Rosenberger have spent at least 20 Christmases at their cabin near McAllister, and their two sons practically grew up in the Madison Valley. McAllister has provided a refuge for the family in the wake of a car wreck that resulted in the amputation of both of Gracie’s lower legs in the 1990s. (Courtesy of Peter Rosenberger)


MCALLISTER—Like many, Peter and Gracie Rosenberger are only residents of Madison County for part of the year. But unlike most snowbirds, they leave their home in Nashville to spend the winters in McAllister, not the other way around.


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