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Healthy distancing

It is crucially important to take care of ourselves in this time of uncertainty. New information unfolds daily and change is the default. Sometimes, to remember the bright sides, you just have to take a step outside.

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'The Water Queen'

Five women made headlines running for the 2020 democratic nomination for president. Jeannette Rankin, a republican from Montana, was the first women elected to the House of Representatives. Sarah Gammon Bick- ford was the first woman in Montana, and probably the only female African American, to own a utility company in Virginia City.

Photo by Patsy Eckert


Patsy Eckert, Ennis resident, started bird watching with her husband 30 years ago. They sketched the birds they saw and bought books to help identify species. Eventually, they acquired binoculars, Nikon cameras, a canoe and a Jeep.

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On the other side of winter

Animal activity during hunting season, summertime and just as animals prepare for the winter is often discussed. Bears and ungulates, hoofed mammals, and for this article’s purpose, elk, deer and antelope, may be less active in deep winter months, but their focus is keen.

Early fall and winter


Bob Sahli is a familiar face in Ennis. Ennis residents are probably aware of his 28-year physical therapy career and practice, Ennis Physical Therapy. The fact that he has studied Eastern medicine and healing techniques for about 15 years may be a lesser known fact.

Photo by Keely Larson

Connection and Creativity

Many studies agree that social interaction is important for maintaining quality of life for seniors, some noting it can prevent illness by boosting the immune system. It is almost common knowledge, as is the idea that art can be used to bring people together and has since we learned  how to share crayons in kindergarten.

Boys and Barb Wire

The boys of the Ruby Valley Boys knew each other while going to college at Montana State University (MSU). They played at the Eagles in Bozeman together, appreciating that venue for its sizable dance floor. “It’s a whole lot easier playing when people are dancing,” Jim Anderson said.


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