Endecott’s cow-calf operation outside of McAllister. PHOTO COURTESY OF RACHEL ENDECOTT

More than a job

Mental health affects everyone, regardless of gender or occupation. Suicide rates are higher in rural America and Montana leads the nation in number of suicides. The isolation and job factors associated with agricultural work in rural Montana, and the stigma tied to identity, makes seeking out help difficult. 

National Newspaper Week

Sunday marked the beginning of the 79th National Newspaper Week. The focus this year is “Think F1rst, Know Your 5 Freedoms.” This is referring to the five freedoms listed in the First Amendment: freedom of press, speech, religion, assembly and to petition the government.

“When I’m busy, he’ll just lay up there,” Burt said. PHOTO BY KEELY LARSON

National Dog Week

In case this was not already on your calendar, we are in the midst of National Dog Week. Most residents of Gallatin and Madison county do not need an extra excuse to celebrate their dogs, but it never hurts to shamelessly post large quantities of pictures of your pup on social media. 

Dottie smiling outside the Madison Valley Medical Center. With some bothersome wind, we laughed about going for the ‘windswept look.’ Photo by Keely Larson

Community focused

In a world that values individualism and independence almost to an extreme, people like Dottie Fossel are instrumental in promoting community values. Fossel is hardworking and self-reliant, but also community-minded, selfless and devoted.

A Pony Day parade winner walks down Broadway Street and tosses candy to spectators as bubbles float around his Candy Wagon. PHOTO BY HANNAH KEARSE


Every three years people line Broadway Street in Pony, Montana to celebrate Pony Days with a parade. Local businesses, cowboys and cowgirls throw out candy and wave to spectators as they parade through the town’s center. 

This year’s judges were Dr. Andrea Cady, Martin Shepaherd and Hannah Kearse.

Photo courtesy Jim Murphy.

On the Way Out

Jim Murphy thought he’d be working at R.L. Winston Rod Company for at least five more years. He moved to Sheridan, Montana in 2016, adopted a dog named Beau from the Beaverhead County Animal Shelter, rented a white house along Mill Creek and took his place as the Director of Exports at the warehouse in Twin Bridges, Montana.


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