Earth Day 2018

In April of 1970 as a junior at Billings West, I joined 20 million Americans in celebrating the first Earth Day by sitting on a Grand Avenue curb protesting an 80 foot tall sign that had just been erected by Big Oil—the first of its kind in Billings and a clear example of visual pollution.

Natural Resource News

The health of our land and water becomes an important topic to remember every year at the end of April. It’s a refreshing time of new life: plants are beginning to grow again, the rainbow trout begin to spawn, and our local farms and ranches are a flurry of activity.

Cowboy Poetry

 These guns I have are mine alone. Won’t ever give ‘em up. Without my guns I’d prob’ly feel like one defenseless pup.
Today this weekly poem of mine is slightly personal. I’ve owned a gun since twelve years old. For sure no arsenal.

Commodity Insite

The 38th anniversary of a historic day arrived on March 27. Few recall that fateful day but in the world of “markets,” the day was a shocker. And from my one-of-a-kind book, Haunted By Markets in a chapter entitled Silver Thursday, penned in early 2011 here is what took place that wild and crazy trading session 38 years ago.

Natural Resource News

We can probably all agree that noxious weeds are a nuisance and an issue that we wish we didn't have to deal with. Fortunately, there are several different methods of attacking these pests - mechanical, biological, chemical, etc.

This, Our Valley

Clouds and Security

If I stay in the tenderness given by / the silent sunlight coming down through the trees / surely everything comes into my eyes will be a message – Yumi Arai

I see on the news that almost everything in life we ever thought was safe and secure isn’t.

Cowboy Poetry

Water Trough

We rode into our campsite. Must have been around midday. The closest hole of water was about a mile away.

Cowboys love their mountain water, while they pay it never mind. But here the desert water is a gold mine of its kind.


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