Natural Resource News

Whether it’s forests or backyard trees, keeping them healthy is a priority for any landowner. For someone who grows trees for harvest, perception of tree health might be influenced by whether or not trees are growing at an acceptable rate per acre to produce a marketable product such as sawlogs.

This, Our Valley

It’s often safer to be in chains than to be free – Franz Kafka

In the early stages of retirement, I’m beginning to think that freedom is an over-rated concept.

Cowboy Poetry

When Sammy was just ten years old, his Dad gave him a chore, to gather up the chicken eggs. This job was grim, for sure.
You see there was a rooster who was guard of every hen. He strutted round the chicken fence. For sure, this was his pen.

Commodity Insite

After the Trump tariffs, aimed at China were put in place in early March, China retaliated this week. The result has been historically volatile price swings with the US commodity markets, US stocks and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

Earth Day 2018

In April of 1970 as a junior at Billings West, I joined 20 million Americans in celebrating the first Earth Day by sitting on a Grand Avenue curb protesting an 80 foot tall sign that had just been erected by Big Oil—the first of its kind in Billings and a clear example of visual pollution.

Natural Resource News

The health of our land and water becomes an important topic to remember every year at the end of April. It’s a refreshing time of new life: plants are beginning to grow again, the rainbow trout begin to spawn, and our local farms and ranches are a flurry of activity.

Cowboy Poetry

 These guns I have are mine alone. Won’t ever give ‘em up. Without my guns I’d prob’ly feel like one defenseless pup.
Today this weekly poem of mine is slightly personal. I’ve owned a gun since twelve years old. For sure no arsenal.

Commodity Insite

The 38th anniversary of a historic day arrived on March 27. Few recall that fateful day but in the world of “markets,” the day was a shocker. And from my one-of-a-kind book, Haunted By Markets in a chapter entitled Silver Thursday, penned in early 2011 here is what took place that wild and crazy trading session 38 years ago.


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